Thursday, October 17, 2013

Peacock Garter for your Peacock Themed Wedding

One of the oldest traditions at a wedding is for the groom to take the bridal's garter and throw it to all the single men. It' not only an old tradition that we still see at weddings, but it is practiced in many countries around the world. So, definitely the bridal's attire wouldn't be complete without it. It is a hidden accessory, but yet so important. It is a sexy item for the bride to wear and in a Peacock Themed Wedding you can actually use it as well as your "Something Blue".

Here is a selection of the ones I liked the most:

Brown Peacock Garter here

Peacock Feather Garter here

Purple Peacock Garter here

Peacock Theme Garter here

Peacock Wedding Garter here

Teal Peacock Garter here

Handmade Peacock Garter here

Peacock Blue Garter here

As usual, I hope you liked my suggestions. Remember to see more Peacock Wedding related items on my Pinterest board.



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